And Why Should We Try To Live Like That Today?

Living Primally offers an appealing alternative to the warped message conveyed by conventional wisdom. That suggests we are on a rollercoaster ride and we have very little control over how we age or our genetic predispositions to poor health or excess body fat.


This is far from the truth. We really do have the ability to reprogram some of our genes. Sure, if your family has a line of bald men or tall women, there’s not much we can do to change that but we really can change the cards we’ve been dealt through lifestyle choices.


Despite the runaway decline in human health worldwide in the last fifty or so years, we can help you reconnect with a personal recipe for optimal health, ideal body composition and longevity that has been formed by two million years of human evolution.  It is actually your birthright to be lean, strong, fit, healthy and happy.


If most of us look back on old family photographs, you’ll notice not many of your great grandparent’s generation were fat. Yet they had no gyms, no-one wore lycra or went running (‘jogging’ didn’t start until the 1970’s). They ate food close to the farm or grew their own and there were no supermarkets or mass-produced food factories. They were more physically active and most household tasks we have machines for nowadays were done manually.


Your genes are very sensitive to influences in the environment so progress can be made relatively quickly when we reverse adverse lifestyle habits.


When you start to eat and exercise primally, you will change from being sugar-dependant, a fat-storing organism that constantly fights hunger, illness, depression and weight gain to a primal fat burner, who burns stored body fat at night, at exercise and at rest, as your primary fuel source.


We can help you to recalibrate delicate hormonal processes that modern living throws out of sync. This will help you manage stress better, avoid burnout, improve your immune function and keep energy levels high all day. We want you to fall asleep easily every night and wake up refreshed, ready to go.


This is a lifestyle change, not a diet or a program or a regimen. It is merely living like our ancestors did in the modern world.


You will need to commit to trying to be the best version of you and it will mean you taking responsibility for your own health and well-being. We are here to guide you along that path.


We are confident that the benefits you will experience will start a complete change in how you eat and move for the rest of your life. It will also help you understand diet, exercise, aging, your immune function, prescription medications and other conventional wisdom elements that have been eroding your health for decades without you knowing.


We will show you that exercise doesn’t make you lose weight. Exercise has many benefits but losing weight is not one. We will show you it’s all about what goes inside and that 80% of your body composition success is determined by what and how you eat.


However, we will help you to get your body moving without even setting foot in a gym (unless you want to) and how to achieve maximum fitness in short periods of time without burning yourself out.


Sounds good?