Certified in Functional Medicine


I have endured my own health problems with a brain infection that derived from a tooth infection and learnt how to achieve a positive health outcome from something that could have caused lifelong problems.


I love the ocean, sunshine and a coconut decaf latte from time to time. I want to reach out to real people jugging family, work and other commitments, to show them, that they can live a positive, healthy existence as nature intended.

Now as registered Functional Medicine Health Coach with the Institution of Functional Medicine. I am a mother, who has learnt to juggle life, but now I do it on my terms. I will always have time to do things that bring me joy like yoga, meditation and walking while listening to music.

I believe you can achieve most things with a positive outlook, motivation, commitment and the correct tool box. With the resources I gove you, youcan help you achieve your goals.


I specialise in women's health, ADHD, ADD, sugar addiction, autoimmune, family food planning, lunch boxes and food ideas for fussy eaters, healing leaky gut, and improving mental health, wellbeing and sleep hygiene.