Certified in Primal Health Care

In my 'previous life' I suffered with Crohns Disease, Reflux Disease and was obese. Through following a Primal/Paleo lifestyle I managed to completely overcome those health obstacles and regain my health even though I'd been told countless times by doctors that my diet would not affect my outcome.


I then studied nutrition for three years and qualified as a Primal Health Coach with former Olympian and Primal Health founder, Mark Sissons.


 In my spare time I get all geeky and conduct research into nutrition and wellbeing.

 I love to practice yoga most days.


I have a passion for cooking and I love being a dad almost as much as I love the Fremantle Dockers.

I understand the dynamics of family life and how to change habits.

I specialise in weight loss, Primal exercise and nutrition and auto-immune diseases.