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The Body Works In Mysterious Ways…

January 22, 2018

I always used to think a ‘hotel breakfast’ was pretty healthy. You know, some cereal, low fat milk, maybe some fruit and a glass of OJ?


I was brought up to think that low fat was the way to go and cereals were a source of energy and orange juice was just pure vitamin C, so it had to be good, right?

It’s only since I’ve been studying how the body ticks over that I’ve come to understand that the body just sees this as sugar.


Whether you start your day with 380 calories of cereal, skimmed milk, banana and orange juice, then lunch of 380 calories of brown rice and split pea soup, or you stop to eat a snack of 380 calories worth of Skittles and a soda float, the body will have to ultimately produce the required amount of insulin to deal with the glucose generated by the ingested carbohydrate.



Essentially, although it might go against the grain (excuse the pun), the body sees these ‘meals’ as the same as far as carbohydrate and insulin are concerned. Sure, the breakfast and lunch option obviously deliver more vitamins and nutrients than the ice cream soda float, we’re really only splitting hairs and debating which is the lesser of three evils.


Your genes are really good at dealing with brief, irregular stressors -  jumping in cold water, sprinting, an occasional late night out or even slamming down that ice cream soda float. If you binge on junk food there will be a quick spike of insulin, then a ‘3pm energy slump’ and then, if you are fat adapted from following a pattern of Primal eating, your blood will soon regulate, back to an optimal balance of insulin and glucose.


In contrast, the chronic day-in, day-out stress of permanent excess glucose and insulin in the bloodstream through eating a standard western high carbohydrate diet leads to adrenal burnout, systemic inflammation and weight gain.

Put the cereal in the bin where it belongs.


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